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Cumberland Media Ministries, Inc. (CMM) was a 501(c)3 corporation that existed in the 1990s as a non-profit video production company that served to write, produce, edit, and duplicate promotional and inspirational videos for Bible Camps and churches.

Its founder and President, Dirk Eichhorst, first incorporated ‘Cumberland Pictures’ in 1989 while attending film school at Columbia College Chicago, to produce his feature film Dream Story, and a documentary about African fishkeeping.

In 1992 Dirk directed, shot, and edited 3 videos for Center Lake Bible Camp in Tustin, Michigan, which opened to rave reviews from the camp director and camp supporters.

Dirk formed a board of directors to convert ‘Cumberland Pictures’ into a 501(c)3 non-profit in 1994, when the company was re-branded as ‘Cumberland Media Ministries, Inc.’ It was a home-based operation, with Dirk’s entire basement converted into an office, conference area, edit suite, equipment storage, and screening area.

With the enlistment of freelance and volunteer crew members, CMM went on to become the premiere video production company serving Bible Camp video production for promotional and inspirational videos east of the Mississippi, appearing annually at the Christian Camping International (CCI) convention and regional shows, leading seminars on video production, and offering services to non-profits at a fraction of the cost of for-profit video production companies.

CMM produced videos for many happy clients in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, and others, and also overseas in Africa and Israel.

Dirk Eichhorst, founder and President of Cumberland Pictures—which eventually became the 501(c)3 Cumberland Media Ministries, Inc., dedicated to serving the video production needs of Bible Camps and churches. This photo was taken at the height of CMM’s productivity (c. 1996-97).

Every single client of CMM was profoundly pleased and impressed with the results of their investment.

Donations poured in, and in 1996, CMM released a low-budget feature film titled The Wellspring after 2 years in production. The film was embraced by local audiences, heralded by Christian critics, and picked up by a small Midwest distributor. But the market proved too small to cover expenses.

In 1998, after several clients pulled the plug on projects due to budget cuts (which had already been green-lit and on the calendar for CMM to produce), the business model of CMM was proving unsustainable. The niche market was too small. The growing expenses in the digital video era were mounting, and non-profits were slashing budgets, canceling projects, or choosing to create simpler videos in-house rather than outsourcing.

So in February 1998, CMM President Dirk Eichhorst announced plans to dissolve CMM due to insufficient donations and dwindling accounts receivable. Assets were sold off to pay remaining debts, and a letter of closer was mailed to patrons.

Mr. Eichhorst transitioned to writing spec and commissioned feature motion picture screenplays, teaching classes and seminars in the film arts, and in 1999 was hired to design and launch a video production department for ‘Sola Scriptura’ and ‘The Scriptorium’ in Grand Haven, Michigan, which eventually moved to Orlando, Florida, where Dirk became a Video Director at the newly opened ‘Holy Land Experience’ theme park, in the heart of one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

The CMM team is grateful for having had the opportunity to serve so many happy clients in its 7 years of service.

Today, Dirk Eichhorst is a novelist, with his first novel (contemporary fantasy / mystery-thriller / speculative fiction / edgy Christian) The Tempest In Glass, soon available in a Limited First Edition while shopping to literary agents for traditional publishing. More information on the book is available at www.tempestinglass.com.

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Behind the scenes at CMM

A few more highlights of the CMM team, projects, and clients

After the dissolution of CMM in 1998, Dirk Eichhorst was hired on at ‘Sola Scriptura’ in Grand Haven, Michigan, where he launched the video department and directed and edited several projects, before the ministry moved to Orlando, Florida in 2001, and Dirk went on to serve as a Video Director at ‘The Holy Land Experience’ theme park.


The following quotes exhibit the satisfaction from Cumberland Media Ministries’ and Mr. Eichhorst’s former clients, employers, crew members, and students.

… From former CLIENTS

“Dirk did an absolutely outstanding job of producing a professional, highly effective promotional video for us. Dirk was sensitive to our needs and gave us high confidence in his technical and artistic abilities. I give Dirk rave reviews and highest compliments!”

Clay Thomas

Camp Director, White Sulphur Springs, Pennsylvania

“Dirk truly cared about the script in all its details; the music, the pictures, the footage. We were delighted with the video as was our audience!”

Nancy Kingsriter

Public Relations Manager, Beulah Beach, Ohio

“Dirk’s team would be difficult to match by anyone. His ability to understand a vision is evident in the work he produces.”

Jeff Cole

Business Manager, The Master’s Mission, Robbinsville, North Carolina

… From former EMPLOYERS

“If you are looking for a person who is articulate, highly skilled and organized, I can recommend Dirk Eichhorst without reservation.”

Scott Pierre

Executive Director, Sola Scriptura, Orlando, Florida

“Working well with others and outstanding professional conduct when dealing with clients, are attributes that set Dirk apart from many other individuals who have ever worked for us.”

Larry Evey

Owner, West Coast Media, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan

… From former COLLEAGUES

“Dirk is a man who pursues excellence, yet handles people and situations with grace and poise. Dirk created a team that functioned together professionally, but also enjoyed the work and shared in Dirk’s vision of the film. Dirk’s ability to work with people is one of his greatest assets in film making.”

Kalena Meyers

Actress, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“I have seen how meticulous Dirk is in preparing a production, as to save money and time, yet not sacrifice quality. Dirk is open to suggestions and likes input from the crew. He is a hard worker and when a project is fully shot, he takes the same care in editing for the finished product.”

Michael Weis

Director of Photography, Orlando, Florida

“The thing that most impresses me is Dirk’s humility. In every situation and in every project, he has remained gracious and humble.”

Melanie Davies

Former Director of Public Relations, The Holy Land Experience, Orlando, Florida

… From former STUDENTS

“Thank you, Dirk, for being so clear, concise, and well-organized in your presentation!”

– Lisa

“This class will be very helpful in my writing career. Mr. Eichhorst gave fine examples and a good amount of questions to ponder.”

– John

“Mr. Eichhorst commanded immediate respect because he has extensive experience in writing and excellent knowledge of all different aspects of filmmaking.”

– Al

“Dirk Eichhorst was the best teacher I ever had the pleasure of learning from. I look up to him greatly as a mentor. I learned more than I ever imagined. Dirk Eichhorst is amazing!”

– Rene

To contact Dirk, please visit tempestinglass.com